Ms. Denise Hardy

"My daughter Imani is a great student who struggles academically, and receiving tutoring this year has proven to do wonders. She improved this school year tremendously, making me very happy and her more confident, especially considering how much she has struggled in the past. Also, Imani and I really appreciate Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc., for awarding her with a scholarship so I could afford tutoring services for her. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Ms. Denise Hardy, Parent

Imani Anderson

"I am very grateful for tutoring because I had a hard time with school last year. This year was much easier. I understood the work given because my tutor helped me a lot by explaining things in ways my teacher could not. I am also grateful because Inner City Youth Tutoring helped my mother with my tutoring fees. Helping my mother was one less thing she had to worry about and try and fix. I would have struggled this year without my tutor's help and the donation that helped my mom pay for my tutoring fees this year."

Imani Anderson, 6th Grade-Crestview Middle School

Ms. Shreela Sullivan

"Inner City Youth Tutoring has been a phenomenal experience for myself and my god-daughter. Before tutoring, Kaelee was struggling with numerical and alphabetical recognition. Her teacher was attempting to request an IEP. Within three months of tutoring instruction, she had caught up and surpassed all grade-level expectations."

Ms. Shreela Sullivan, Godmother

Kaelee Barnes


"My name is Kaelee Barnes. I am in First Grade at Bellerive School. Thank you so much for helping me learn my school work. I think it is really fun. I like working on computers. I like working with Ms. Marsha."

Kaelee Barnes, 1st Grade-Bellerive Elementary School

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

"Thanks for the time and effort poured into our grandchildren (Daija, Sydney, Angel, and Angelina). The knowledge received the patience, the respect, the long-suffering, gentleness, grace, and especially the love. Two of our grandchildren were failing in school, now passing. They were perplexed; you made it simple. Our other two granddaughters received assistance to help them continue being honor students while they received assistance to prepare for their ACTs, in which both of them scored tremendously high. Truly, this tutoring program is a gift of God. What more can we say? Indeed, "THANK YOU!"

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith, Grandparents



Mr. Angelo Washington


"My daughters, Daija, Angel, and Angelina were tutored this past school year. It had an amazing impact on their lives. Daija received services to help her prepare for the ACT Test, which reinforced her confidence and study habits, resulting in her scoring a 30 on the test and graduating with high school honors. Angel and Angelina improved in their academics tremendously.  At the beginning of the school year, they failed in reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and math. Their tutor's hard work and dedication helped them excel tremendously. They became more enthusiastic about school and learning, whereas before they would not pay attention in school, pick up a book on their own, nor would they read for pleasure. I would highly recommend this tutoring program to anyone who has children that need academic help."

Angelo Washington, Parent

Ms. Yvette Puckett

"Sydney's EEC, Ms. Mia Simpson was knowledgeable and professional and helped her excel in math and science during her first three years of high school as well as prepare for the ACT because she wanted to receive a perfect score of 36. Sydney worked at her own pace was given an appropriate amount of time to prepare and the right amount of time to rest before actually taking tests, so she would not be overwhelmed. ICYT looks out for its students' best interest and works with students in various ways that best fit their learning style while putting students and their needs first! Without any reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc., for all student's tutoring needs."

Ms. Yvette Puckett, Parent


Sydney Washington



"My experience with Inner City Youth Tutoring (ICYT) has been amazing. My mother contacted ICYT for assistance in math, science, and ACT Prep. My relationship with ICYT blossomed because my tutors were very flexible, considerate of my hectic schedule and my mom's budget. They also worked at the pace I needed and planned ahead of time to ensure the time was used efficiently.  I give Inner City Youth Tutoring credit for my academic success, reaching my scholastic goals as well as my full potential as a student, and I highly recommend them for other students."

Sydney Washington, 12th Grade Metro High School

Mrs. Andranique Scott Harrison

 "Andrielle has benefited dramatically from Inner City Youth Tutoring and having access to technology in the form of a laptop for at-home use during this past school year. She had some math struggles, but Ms. McCleod encouraged and advised on solid math techniques and websites where my daughter was helped to establish a solid foundation and love for math with the basics math facts. Having access to a laptop that was just for my daughter's educational needs increased her interest in math and being the best math student that she could be. Thank you for making a positive contribution to my daughter's academic success, ICYT, making a definite and measurable difference in the youth and families that utilize their educational services. I am grateful to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.

Mrs. Andranique Scott Harrison, Parent



"I got to do school work on a tutor computer at home because I got to borrow one because of the pandemic. I especially liked doing math on it, and I became an even better math student. I learned that work is important to be smart, and I want to be smart.  Also, I want to be tutored again because I want to use the computer again next year."

Andrielle Scott, First Grade-Community School

Corionna Phipps


"Inner City Youth Tutoring I am very thankful for my tutoring this year and helping my parents pay for it. Learning is hard, but it was not so much this year. My tutor made learning easier because she really helped me a lot, and she taught me to believe in myself. Thank you so much!"

Corinna Phipps, 6th Grade-Premier Charter School

Mr. and Mrs. DeAngelo Greenwood

"We were pleased and appreciative for the excellent tutoring our daughter, Cassidy, has received over the past six years. Her EEC has done a tremendous job, and Cassidy has benefited so much from their teaching. Her confidence and reading skills are noticeably better than before. Also, we are pleased to say that she reads at grade level and now reads all the time on her own, and has a great time. Also, she was one of the best writers in her class once again! We are confident that she is ready to advance to seventh grade at Crestview Middle School."

Mr. and Mrs. DeAngelo Greenwood, Parents


Cassidy Greenwood

"I loved having an extra hour of tutoring this school year, and my parents were happy as well because it did not affect our income because of the scholarship I received for my weekly tutoring. The extra time came in handy and helped me overcome challenges this year, especially since I started a new school, and I was not familiar with the routine and how the teachers taught. I noticed I was behind in some of my math, reading, and writing skills, plus I was not using paragraphs in my writing. Ms. Marsha put in the extra time and effort to make sure I got caught up, which made me feel a lot better and more confident since I was the new kid at school. This year's tutoring has made me an even better reader, writer, and math student!"

Cassidy Greenwood, 6th Grade-Crestview Middle School

Mr. and Mrs. Viron Bevly


"Laila's tutoring sessions allowed her the opportunity not only to understand critical processes for her knowledge, but her math teacher allowed her the opportunity to tutor students and even raved about Laila's ability to explain things to her classmates. Laila's interaction with ICYT didn't just improve her grades; it also enhanced her ability to communicate with her teachers openly without being fearful of asking questions. The progress we have seen in our daughter, Laila, would not have been as successful without the help and compassion of her Educational Enhancement Coach Ms. Mia Simpson."

Mr. and Mrs. Viron Bevly, Parents

Laila Bevly

"For the past six years, I have received services from Inner City Youth Tutoring, which has not only helped me academically but my parents financially. The rapport I developed with my Educational Enhancement Coaches (EEC) has improved my self-esteem and ability to advocate and communicate with my teachers. The tutoring I received from ICYT has allowed me to stay on task in class, and in some cases, explain methods in math to struggling classmates who were unable to understand the teacher's approach. Lastly, because of the work and dedication of my EEC's I have been able to maintain Honors and National Honor Society status while obtaining magna cum laude and making the dean's list for my dual enrollment in college courses taken during my last year; in high school."

Laila Bevly, 12th Grade-Hazelwood High School

Ms. Barbara Robinson

"I enrolled my daughter, Brooklyn Robinson, in this program again this school year because I absolutely love how the tutors worked with her last year and how much she improved in math. She doesn't make excuses about going to school or doing her school work like she usually would, especially math, her least favorite subject. Keeping her in tutoring this school year has been the best thing because she did not have a math teacher for the first three months. She continued to be excited about learning math during tutoring and actually would still get upset when there wasn't tutoring. She would come home enthusiastic after sessions and about math, plus she looked forward to her next session. At this time, Brooklyn retains math concepts easier and loves hands-on math activities while working one-on-one with her EEC, who was patient and made sure she understood the various concepts. I owe my daughter, Brooklyn's math improvement and success, to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. and her EEC, Ms. Marsha McCleod."

Ms. Barbara Robinson, Parent



Brooklyn Robinson



"Tutoring helped me learn better and made it easier for me to understand math. During tutoring sessions, Ms. Marsha always made sure I understood what she was teaching me. I feel better about learning math, and I understand and remember things a lot more. Ms. Marsha didn't yell at me when I got the wrong answer or say something in an angry way when I did not understand. I love working with Ms. Marsha by myself because I can ask questions and get the help I need when I do not understand. Ms. Marsha didn't judge me; instead, she helped me by encouraging me by telling me to take my time and do my personal best. The best thing about tutoring is the way Ms. Marsha taught me. She taught in a way I could understand."

Brooklyn Robinson, 6th Grade-Compton/Drew ILC Middle School

Ms. Shanieka Jackson

"Pamela Jackson received excellent tutoring this school year. The loan of a laptop came in handy, especially when the pandemic hit. Pamela was able to continue her school work and weekly tutoring sessions. Also, she made great strides in math and reading. Lastly, tutoring became the highlight of her day, and she eagerly looked forward to her weekly sessions."

Shanieka Jackson, Parent

Pamela Jackson

"I like Ms. Marsha helping me do my homework when I go to tutoring. I like using the computer. Thank you for giving me a snack. Thank you for the books to read."

Pamela Jackson, 1st Grade-Dewey IS Elementary School


Mr. Reginald Phipps and Ms. Latisha O'Neal

"Inner City Youth Tutoring, thanks for helping to support our daughter, Corinna Phipps' tutoring this past school year educationally and financially. Learning is hard for her, but she was given the extra needed help she needed, which allowed her to make improvements. We are so grateful she received the extra help online, especially since the pandemic hit and school was out. Inner City Youth Tutoring did a good job helping Corinna to learn more this school year, and we are so happy."

Reginald Phipps and Latisha O'Neal, Parents