Ms. Denise Hardy

Thank you for the funds to help pay for tutoring and supplies for my daughter, Imani Anderson.
The various donations helped her tremendously during this time of  COVID with some in-person and virtual schooling throughout this school year.
Imani has shown great improvement throughout the school year, and I am very grateful.
My daughter and I appreciate the generosity of Inner City Youth Tutoring.
Ms. Denise Hardy, Parent

Imani Anderson


Thank you so much for giving my mom money to help with my tutoring.
The donation helped me and other kids like me continue tutoring during COVID without worrying about not being in school or buying needed school supplies at stores in which we would possibly catch the virus if we went out to stores.
Inner City Youth Tutoring provided school items such as backpacks, paper, notebooks, pencils, sanitizer, etc. I was even allowed to borrow a computer to do my school learning and weekly tutoring sessions online.
I honestly appreciate Inner City Youth Tutoring deeply. I also appreciate all the help I have received with my school work this year. Thank you so much!
Imani Anderson. 7th Grade-Crestview Middle School (Rockwood School District)

Ms. Shreela Sullivan

"Inner City Youth Tutoring has been a phenomenal experience for myself and my god-daughter. Before tutoring, Kaelee was struggling with numerical and alphabetical recognition. Her teacher was attempting to request an IEP. Within three months of tutoring instruction, she had caught up and surpassed all grade-level expectations."

Ms. Shreela Sullivan, Godmother

Kaelee Barnes


"My name is Kaelee Barnes. I am in First Grade at Bellerive School. Thank you so much for helping me learn my schoolwork. I think it is really fun. I like working on computers. I like working with Ms. Marsha."

Kaelee Barnes, 1st Grade-Bellerive Elementary School (Parkway School District)

Mrs. Lorrunda Sewell

Thank you for tutoring and giving funds so my kids, Anthony and Gabriellah Sewell, could receive their weekly tutoring. During this time of COVID, the tutoring and the funds were beneficial. My older and younger daughters were tutored by Inner City Youth Tutoring when we lived in St. Louis, MO, and now that we live in Hagerstown, MD, they can still receive services virtually. Therefore, the only natural and right thing to do was continue with Inner City Youth Tutoring at this time. My kids enjoyed getting to see and work with Ms. Marsha again. They could not wait to share what they learned during sessions, and they especially loved the educational items sent to Maryland to use during weekly sessions. Truly, I am indebted to Inner City Youth Tutoring. What an excellent tutoring business!
Mrs. Lorrunda Sewell, Parent



Anthony Sewell


I like tutoring online with Ms. Marsha.
Thank you for helping me to read and write.
I am good at reading and writing.
That's all!
Anthony Sewell-1st Grade-Rockland Woods Elementary School (Hagerstown, MD)


Gabriellah Sewell

Tutoring was fun online with Ms. Marsha. I liked the games and the other things Ms. Marsha sent in the mail for me to use. I really like the word cubes that I could make sentences with. I loved them! Ms. Marsha taught me to read and write better and learn how to edit my writing. Now I like to read and write. Ms. Marsha made me like it more. Thank you for giving my mommy money to pay for my tutoring. Thank you so much.
Gabriellah Sewell, 3rd Grade-Rockland Woods Elementary School (Hagerstown, MD)

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Harrison



 My name is Andranique Harrison, and my 2-year-old son, Terry, has been able to get a jump on his learning with the laptop provided to us by Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. and with the help of their tutors. One may say that toddlers, tutoring, and technology are not a good match. However, we utilized the services and technology with the phenomenal IXK Program also made available to us by Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. Letter and sound recognition of the alphabet and number recognition activities have been foci. Mrs. McCleod truly comes up with the best learning resources and activities that students LOVE! Our family values education and educational preparation. We believe that the resources and activities helped Terry be exceedingly ready for learning fun and success in his first year as a junior kindergarten preschooler in the fall.
The Harrison Family sends a hearty "thank you" to Mrs. McCleod and Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. to provide quality educational resources and activities that increase children's preparedness for any educational setting. We thank all who support this work that makes a difference in families and classrooms.
Terry Sr. and Andranique Harrison, Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Mannie Greenwood

I am writing to thank Inner City Youth Tutoring's (ICYT) Funding Program. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that my daughter, Cassidy Greenwood, was again chosen as a recipient for funds to be applied to her weekly tutoring sessions.
Tutoring this year was such a blessing. COVID really changed a lot of things in terms of schooling. Tutoring really helped bridge the gaps with schooling at home through zoom/online classes. When my daughter, Cassidy, was struggling, she could have a one-on-one with her tutor. ICYT's tutors were able to break down the fast pace lessons from her school's online classes so that she could figure things out and understand them.
My daughter has benefited so much from tutoring and the hands-on resources ICYT provides. I know that if we didn't have tutoring, she would have lacked in her schooling.
Again, I would like to say thank you very much. Cassidy would not have been successful without Inner City Youth Tutoring and its excellent program and tutors. Without the funding and resources, ICYT provided, we would not have been able to afford the tutoring Cassidy needed this year. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mannie Greenwood, Parents


Cassidy Greenwood

Inner City Youth Tutoring, thank you for everything I received this year. All the hard work and time put into me during tutoring sessions this school year was great. The money my parents received helped very much also. My education has improved a lot, and I was able to get the teaching and all the resources I needed to accomplish being a successful student this year. The teaching and resources provided helped me tremendously, especially when I had to adapt to new learning conditions (online learning) because of COVID. The time and effort Ms. Marsha put into my teaching were tremendous and helped me and helped other students who needed extra help. I am very appreciative and grateful for the excellent teaching. Thank you again for giving money so other students and I could receive the extra educational help and resources needed and the funds for my weekly tutoring services. It really helped a lot, and I am very blessed.
Cassidy Greenwood, 7th Grade-Crestview Middle School (Rockwood School District)

Ms. Shanieka Jackson


Inner City Youth Tutoring and Ms. Marsha I say, "Thank you." my family has truly benefited from the funds distributed from Inner City Youth Tutoring for my daughter Pamela Jackson's weekly tutoring this year. Because of the generous contribution, my child has safely received one-on-one tutoring in a loving atmosphere (in-person and virtually) during this pandemic. This made it possible for my child's immediate and basic educational needs to be met during the pandemic. Your support has played a role in my child's education. Thank you once again for your help and support.
Shanieka Jackson, Parent

Pamela Jackson

Thank you for helping mom pay for my tutoring sessions this year. The tutoring helped me with my math and reading. I was able to get help on the computer. I was happy to have the computer.
Pamela Jackson, 2nd Grade-Biome School-St. Louis Public School District (St. Louis, MO)

Mr. and Mrs. James Woods

Thank you so much for all you have done and given our family. We have truly been blessed and appreciate your time and support with our kiddos. They are doing amazing, and you have something to do with that. Ms. (Marsha) McCleod, you are the bomb and the best. We love you!
James and Aldine Woods, Parents

Hope Woods

 Thank you, Ms. Marsha.
I wish to come to your house.
I wish I keep doing schoolwork with you and me.
Hope Woods, Junior Kindergarten-Tower Grove Christian School (St. Louis, MO)

David Woods

Thanks for doing tutoring.
I love you.
It is good doing tutoring.
David Woods, 1st Grade-Premier Charter School-St. Louis Public School District (St. Louis, MO)


Ms. Farrah Lunceford


ICYT tutoring service, thank you for pairing my niece Samaria and me with excellent tutors, Ms. Marsha McCleod and Ms. Mia Simpson. They began tutoring both of us during the pandemic once a week. They made the learning environment safe and comfortable, enriching our learning experiences. Ms. Mia especially made math fun and easy to understand. Ms. Marsha helped my niece become less shy and more confident while building her reading comprehension and writing skills. ICYT, also, thanks for helping me financially with my niece's tutoring. I was helping to raise her and saw she was behind in school, and I wanted her to succeed in school even though I could not afford tutoring on my own. Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia, thank you so much for working with us! I ended the year with an "A" in math, and my niece Samaria's writing and reading comprehension skills improved and continue to improve. It has been an excellent opportunity to have worked with such great tutors and Inner City Youth Tutoring.
Farrah Lunceford, Aunt/Guardian, and Student

Thank you for letting Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia tutor me. Also, thank you for providing money for my tutoring to help my T.T. (Farrah Lunceford) pay for it. I really like Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia and how they taught me. Both of them would always be nice to me and told me I was a good student. This made me feel good and try harder. I am better at math and doing better with my writing. This year I learned how to one-sentence summaries after I read a chapter. I am still learning how to write a paragraph. I did not realize I could do this until Ms. Marsha showed me how to. After finishing a chapter, I practiced and wrote one-sentence summaries and tried to write a summary paragraph with one-sentence summaries on my own. This was really difficult, but I tried and will keep on trying. Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia, thank you so much for working with me and helping my T.T. pay for tutoring.
Samaria Lunceford, 3rd Grade-Mason Elementary School-St. Louis Public School District (St. Louis, MO) unable to picture