Mr. and Mrs. Viron Bevly

"My husband and I would like to thank Inner City Youth Tutoring Inc. from the bottom of our hearts for it tutoring program and scholarship program. Our daughter, Laila has made tremendous progress, and without the help of ICYT's excellent, compassionate Educational Enhancement Coaches (EEC), she wouldn't have been as successful. Thank you so much for supporting our daughter and today’s youth educational needs which is such a critical cause in society today."

Best Regards,

Mr. and Mrs. Viron Bevly, Parents

Laila Bevly

“Thank you Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. for your scholarship program to help my family pay for my yearly tutoring this school year. I worried less about my parents not being able to afford to pay for tutoring and concentrated more on my studies and keeping my grades up because of the low expectations my teachers have always set for me because of my disability; therefore, I purposed in my heart to work hard and keep my grades up. I am now a junior in Hazelwood High School’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, a member of the A+ Program, an inductee of the National Honor Society, currently maintain a 3.89- grade point average, and continue to excel in Math and my reading and writing skills have improved tremendously over the past five years and I owe all this to my great Educational Enhancement Coaches (EEC): Ms. Mia (Math EEC) and Ms. Marsha (Language Arts EEC). ICYT has the best EECs who care about their students, cater to their educational needs and give of their time as well as their undivided attention. I am also proud to say I am officially a volunteer math student tutor with ICYT. I thank you once again for everything. Without businesses such as Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. and tutors such as Ms. Mia and Ms. Marsha believing I would not be as successful."


Laila Bevly, 11th Grade-Hazelwood High School

Ms. Kandis Smith

“I am genuinely grateful and elated for Inner City Youth Tutoring. My son, CJ adores Ms. Marsha and could not wait for his weekly tutoring days. This past school year he was not doing very well with his reading, writing, grammar or spelling and needed more help. My mother told me about Inner City Youth Tutoring so I called and found out about the program and from then on my son got the help he needed. This gave me hope and brought tears to my eyes because now I knew I no longer had to worry about CJ getting the help he needed. Thank you so much! Both of us I have enjoyed working with you and we look forward to many more years of working with Ms. Marsha so CJ may continue to do well in school.”

Thank you,

Ms. Kandis Smith, Parent

Courtland Holmes

“I like when Ms. Marsha helps me because I do not know all the words. I am a better reader. I do not guess words like I use to. I am not a good writer, but I am good a student with great ideas. Thank you for helping me. Tutoring is really fun!”


Courtland Holmes (CJ),1st Grade-Stix Elementary School

Ms. Shakira McCotrell

"You helped support my daughter, Amiyah in her educational journey this year because she began 6th grade this year struggling initially in math. This made my daughter stressful and frustrated. She desperately needed help in math outside of the regular school day which put me in a difficult spot. Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. gave my daughter the support she needed and a scholarship for her weekly tutoring which helped me so much. Amiyah's confidence and math skills improved tremendously. Thank you so much!"


Shakira McCotrell, Parent


Amiyah King

"I want to thank you for the help I received this school year from Ms. McCleod. It was so great to work with her, and I will recommend her and Inner City Youth Tutoring to my friends because she helped me a lot and my tutoring sessions were great. I was even on honor roll three out of four quarters and received honors on the last day of school."


Amiyah King, 6th Grade-Shiloh Middle School

Mr. and Mrs. Jamelle Noel

"Inner City Youth Tutoring we want to thank you and the teachers, especially Ms. Sherry for a job well done. Also, thank you for contributing funds so our son, Jamelle Noel could receive tutoring services We are so proud that he has improved tremendously. His understanding is better and on his own, he is putting more thought into the things he does. Also, his confidence level has increased, and he reads more readily on his own. Without the help of Ms. Sherry and Inner City Youth Tutoring's scholarship for tutoring we do not know where our son, Jamelle would be. Thank you so much, my wife and I are so grateful for all your help."


Mr. and Mrs. Jamelle Noel

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sewell


"We are ever so grateful for everything ICYT has done for Hadassah and Gabriellah this past school year and summer. This would not have been possible without the support of Inner /City Youth Tutoring's teachers and scholarship program. Hadassah has improved in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, and grammar and has developed a better attitude about school and the importance of putting forth an effort and doing her best. Gabriellah's reading and writing skills have soared as well. We are so grateful for everything ICYT have done for her our daughters. Their progress could not have happened without this excellent tutoring program and the funding we obtained for their weekly tutoring. We appreciate all your support!"

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sewell

Gabriellah Sewell and Hadassah Sewell

“I like tutoring. Thank you for helping me with my reading and writing. Now I read and write a lot better. I love to read. I can read anything.”

Thank you,
Gabriellah Sewell, Kindergarten-Tower Grove Christian School

"Thank you for helping my parents with my tutoring fees and helping me to improve in with my reading and writing. I really needed the help and I appreciated the help so I could become a better student."

Hadassah Sewell, 5th Grade-Tower Grove Christian School


Mr. and Mrs. DeAngelo Greenwood

“Cassidy has benefited so much from tutoring. She went from disliking reading and writing to actually publishing a story about Mae Jamieson in her class' book. Cassidy wrote so well that her teacher let her include two pages when everyone else in the class only got to do one in the published class book. We are very confident that she is ready for 5th Grade and now reads all the time on her own, and enjoys it. Again we would like to say thank you very much, without Inner City Youth Tutoring and its Blocks to Books Scholarship our daughter, Cassidy would not have been able to receive the tutoring she needed this past school year.”


Mr. and Mrs. DeAngelo Greenwood, Parents

Cassidy Greenwood

 “The weekly tutoring sessions increased my math, reading and writing skills. In fact, I am so excited because I did a lot better with required school book reports, readings, and weekly tutoring reading and writing assignments. I increased several levels of reading since the beginning of the school year, I am now reading at a comfortable M level, and I was also the only student in my class who got to write two pages in our class book. I thank Ms. Marsha for helping me get better at writing and editing and reaching a higher reading level. She always reminded me to read for understanding, show my work when solving math equations, take my time and do my best at all times. I would not have been able to do get better this school year without her. Also, I would not have been able to receive tutoring if Inner City Youth Tutoring did not allow me to have a scholarship.”

Cassidy Greenwood, 4th Grade-Premier Charter School

Ms. Tasha White


“I got word from a friend about Inner City Youth Tutoring and called immediately when business hours came. I was told about the scholarship program which allowed my son, James to receive more tutoring sessions that I was unable to pay for. Ms. Marsha and ICYT have been nothing but our guardian angels since connecting with them. During his sessions, I sat and watched how eager James got when he was with Ms. Marsha and how connected and in tune he was when he worked. Since the school year started, James has been in full throttle because he now has a better understanding of what to do and how to attack his math. I get emotional thinking about ICYT and the services it provides and how it has helped my son, James. Thank you so much!”

Thank you,

Tasha White, Parent

James Harris

“I like having tutoring, and enjoyed it very much! I used the sessions for math, and I’m happy to say I understand it better. When it comes to challenging math problems, I focus more on the question and what Ms. Marsha taught me. The help I received helps me focus on what I’m doing, and it means a lot to me. Thank you for helping me and helping my mom pay for weekly tutoring sessions.”

Thank you,

James Harris, 5th Grade-Eagleton Elementary School

Ms. Yolanda Louis

"I would like to personally “Thank You” for the funding my son, Malik Roberson received from Inner City Youth. I cannot thank you enough for going the extra mile to ensure my child not only received the needed funding but was equipped with the tools he needed to be successful in school. I want you to know that I and my child appreciated it greatly and my son actually looked forward to the tutoring sessions. Inner City Youth is wonderful and the dedication, energy, and effort they put forth exceeded all my expectations."

Thank you,

Yolanda Louis, Parent

Malik Roberson

"I would like to say “Thank You’ for the scholarship so that I could receive tutoring from Inner City Youth. It really helped me in school and to understand my homework better. I learned a lot from my tutor and she was friendly and kind to me. The tutoring helped me make really good grades. I am looking forward to tutoring to start again."

Thank you,

Malik Roberson, 3rd Grade-Barbara C. Jordan Elementary School

Jamelle Noel

“I would like to thank Inner City Youth Tutoring for helping me with my reading and you helping my mom and dad with my tutoring. Mrs. Sherry has been the best. I would like to give thanks to her and Mrs. Marsha. I have come along way.” 


Jamelle Noel, 3rd Grade-St. Louis Language Immersion School-The Spanish School

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Ransom

“Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. (ICYT) thank you for the Blocks to Books Scholarship Program which gave our son, Brock Fulton an opportunity for to receive a tutoring scholarship and get the academic help he needed. ICYT provided tutoring for students like my son Brock who otherwise would not have the resources. Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.'s commitment to improving educational opportunities for youth in the St. Louis region by contributing money is a big help to families such as mine."

Thank you,

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Ransom, Parents

Brock Fulton

(unable to photograph)

“I was awarded a tutoring scholarship for the school year and summer because of Inner City Youth Tutoring's scholarship program. Having tutoring during the school year and the summer helped me to continue to increase my reading and writing skills. I am so proud of myself because I improved and I noticed the improvement. My tutor taught me better techniques for taking notes, reading for understanding and using complete sentences when responding orally and written. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for helping me become a better student while allowing me to gain more strength and confidence in reading and writing."

Thank you,

Brock Fulton, 6th Grade-Carr Lane VPA Middle School