Cassidy Greenwood

 “The weekly tutoring sessions increased my math, reading and writing skills. In fact, I am so excited because I did a lot better with required school book reports, readings, and weekly tutoring reading and writing assignments. I increased several levels of reading since the beginning of the school year, I am now reading at a comfortable M level, and I was also the only student in my class who got to write two pages in our class book. I thank Ms. Marsha for helping me get better at writing and editing and reaching a higher reading level. She always reminded me to read for understanding, show my work when solving math equations, take my time and do my best at all times. I would not have been able to do get better this school year without her. Also, I would not have been able to receive tutoring if Inner City Youth Tutoring did not allow me to have a scholarship.”

Cassidy Greenwood, 4th Grade-Premier Charter School