Cassidy Greenwood

Inner City Youth Tutoring, thank you for everything I received this year. All the hard work and time put into me during tutoring sessions this school year was great. The money my parents received helped very much also. My education has improved a lot, and I was able to get the teaching and all the resources I needed to accomplish being a successful student this year. The teaching and resources provided helped me tremendously, especially when I had to adapt to new learning conditions (online learning) because of COVID. The time and effort Ms. Marsha put into my teaching were tremendous and helped me and helped other students who needed extra help. I am very appreciative and grateful for the excellent teaching. Thank you again for giving money so other students and I could receive the extra educational help and resources needed and the funds for my weekly tutoring services. It really helped a lot, and I am very blessed.
Cassidy Greenwood, 7th Grade-Crestview Middle School (Rockwood School District)