Our Goals

The goals of this organization are as follows:

  • To offer quality academic tutorial services;

  • To improve the academic performance of individuals in the public and private educational sectors by tailoring to their needs;

  • To educate and assist students in discovering how they learn best;

  • To equip individuals with the necessary tools and strategies to manifest knowledge, while enhancing student’s learning through one-on-one instruction;

  • To help students obtain, maintain, and/or exceed grade level status;

  • To assess, develop, and implement individualized learning plans that best fit a student’s learning style;

  • To provide consistency in the education of children, who are nontraditional home settings, who are at risk for decreased academic performance due to constant changes in their environment.

  • To educate, support, and advocate for students in and out of educational establishments and not accept social promotion, as the means to the end; and

  • To serve as a liaison between children and/or parents/guardians in educational establishments.