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"Sponsors Needed"

2023 Biennial Blocks to Books Fundraiser
October 21, 2023
City Museum's Vault Room

ICYT needs businesses, organizations, and individual sponsors to help fund its Biennial Blocks to Books Fundraiser on Saturday, October 21, 2023; therefore, we are reaching out to businesses, organizations, and individuals to be sponsors.

To donate, click on the "give"  icon. At checkout, in the note section, specify which sponsorship category you want funds applied to (see sponsorship areas below), or make a check payable to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. and send it to 4579 Laclede Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108.

Then mail your company name, contact person, address, email, telephone number, and logo (jpeg ONLY) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Please send sponsorship donations on or before Friday, June 2, 2023

Food and Decor Sponsorship ($4500)
(Sponsorship still needed)

Venue Sponsorship ($4000)
(Sponsorship still needed)

Photographer/Videographer Sponsorship ($3000)-received


Media Event Sponsorship ($2500)
(Sponsorship still needed)

Print Press/Publications and PR Sponsorship ($2000)
(Sponsorship still needed)

Honorary Sponsorship ($1500)
(Sponsorship still needed)

Cash Sponsorship
(more sponsors needed)
Educational Equity Consultants 

Kim Love Productions, LLC

Mr. Steve (Battalion Chief/Pastor) and Mrs. Izella Simpson

The UPS Store Central West  End

Click below to learn more about Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.


Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. (ICYT) is a non-profit tutoring business in the City of St. Louis, Missouri, established in 2005. ICYT provides individualized one-on-one tutoring services to youth (PreK-12th grade), particularly at-risk, underprivileged, and under-served. All services are in-person or virtually before or after school, wherever convenient for a student and their family (e.g., school, library, church, daycare, community center) to meet.

90% of the student population ICYT serves live below the poverty level, are behind academically, and have poorly educated parents or guardians who work low-paying jobs. So, expecting these students and their families to seek out individual tutoring services and be able to pay is unthinkable, yet they desperately need and deserve these services.

ICYT and its executive director, Marsha McCleod, believe ALL students, no matter who they are or where they attend school, should be given every opportunity to achieve and experience quality education and academic success within the educational realm. Therefore, Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. established its "Blocks to Books Funding Program" and obtained its 501 (c)(3) status in 2007, so students and their families would be able to receive tutoring services at no cost.

Lastly, ICYT services are made possible through fundraising, monetary donations, and grants from individuals, organizations, businesses, and foundations locally and out of state that may contribute yearly. Over the past years, several students have been served and received funding for weekly tutoring services.

990 Tax Information per year






Winter/Spring Raffle Donors





Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. (ICYT) would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Loletha Bevly, whom we honored at ICYT's 5th annual winter/spring raffle as one of our "Cancer Warrior Champions." She is a past parent who continuously supports ICYT. It was an honor to present Mrs. Bevly with a "Cancer Warrior Champion Survivor and Parent" plaque. You mean so much to us! We are honored that you allowed and entrusted ICYT to work with your son Demetrius and daughter Laila Bevly. Because of parents, supporters, and donors like you, ICYT can continue its mission of educating at-risk youth.

A special thank you to the following businesses and individuals who supported monetarily or donated items to this year's winter/spring raffle: Bob's Furniture, CCD Enterprises, LLC, Diverse City Church, Hermann Hill (match gift), The Home Depot, Kim Love Productions, LLC, Let's Roam, The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum, Missouri Botanical Gardens, SLU Snarf's Sandwiches, St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station, St. Louis Cardinals, St Louis Symphony Orchestra, Savedriver Services Driving School Snarf's Sandwiches SLU, Total Wine & More, Mrs. Loletha Bevly, Mr. Charles and Mrs. LaWanda Bishop, Ms. Shanta Caldwell, Mr. Randen and Mrs. Teresa Click, Ms. Laura Crowell, Mrs. Caprice Cummings, Ms. Karen Fulks, Mrs. Tina (Kiry) Gray, Mr. Mannie and Mrs.Chassidy Greenwood, Mrs. Linda Harris, Ms. Ruetha Hollis, Ms. Natalie Longoria, Ms. Yolanda Louis, Mrs. Terry Luebbert, Ms. Ruth McCleod, Ms. Antoinette McGee, Mr. Kevin Moore, Ms. Johannes Nicholas, Mrs. Kirsten Petty, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Izella Simpson, Mrs. Ora Smith, Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Patrice Smith, Mrs. Yvonne Tabb, Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Carla Thompson, Ms. Shelby Trif, Mrs. Paula Turner, Ms. Susan Wenzel, Mr. Ronnie (Rico) and Mrs. Theresa Williams, and Ms. Sharon Wright.

The winners of the "Winter/Spring Raffle" are as follows:
Grand Prize-Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Carla Thompson (Weekend Stay at Hermann Hill)

1st Place Prize Winners: Ms. Natalie Longoria, Ms. Yolanda Louis, Mr. Angelo and Mrs. Ora Smith (Total Wine & More Gift Certificate-Wine Class for 20 Guests) and Mr. Matthew Wenzel (Team Building Package for 10)

2nd Place Prize Winners-Mr. Kevin Moore (Weber Grill with cover, apron, and accessories), Mr. Steve and Mrs. Izella Simpson and Mrs. Yvonne Tabb (Bob's Furniture-Gift Card), Mrs. Ruetha Hollis (St. Louis Symphony), Mrs. Loletha Bevly and Mrs. Patrice Smith (Family Scavenger Hunt Package), and Mrs. Lorraine Simpson and Mrs. Linda Harris (Date Nite Scavenger Hunt Package)

3rd Place Prize Winners-Mr. Ronnie (Rico) Williams, Mrs. Terry Luebbert, and Ms. Ruth McCleod (Snarf's Sandwiches Gift Package-shirt, gift card, and hot peppers), Mrs. Tina Gray (Magic House Passes), Ms. Tellene Jones (St. Louis Aquarium Tickets), and Ms. Pamela Jackson (Cardinals Tickets)

Lastly, thank you to Mr. Kim Love of Kim Love Productions, LLC, for photographing and videotaping the event.




Community Outreach Giving Project

Brown & Crouppen, thank you for donating funds in honor of Sandra Griffith to sponsor five students' educational supplies. Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. (ICYT) will be able to provide supplies throughout the school year as students need them for their schooling and weekly tutoring sessions. What a blessing for the ICYT Family all around. Without donors and programs like Brown & Crouppen Law Firm's Community Outreach Project, none of our successful efforts would be possible. Thank you for your continued support.

Jill Taylor, Brown & Crouppen Human Resources Administrator, former Community Outreach Project Director, and Marsha McCleod, Executive Director of Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc., support and participate in the Sista Strut 2022 Walk. 


Cardinals Care, thank you for donating funds to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.'s (ICYT) technology program so ICYT may ensure all students have internet and computer access. ICYT's students whose families cannot afford computers and internet services will have laptops and hotspots this school year because of your generosity to ICYT. Without donors such as Cardinals Care, our successful efforts would not be possible. Thank you for your continued support.

Here 2 There Transportation, thank you for donating backpacks to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.'s students. ICYT will be able to provide students with these items so they may have something to use and carry their school and tutoring supplies and materials in throughout the school year. What a blessing for the ICYT Family all around. Without donors and programs like Here 2 There Transportation, none of our successful efforts would be possible. Thank you for being so supportive.