Executive Director

 The company’s founder and executive director, Marsha McCleod has had a vision for catering to students, who are working below grade level and need that extra push to achieve academically without any stigmas attached. Marsha earned her MA from Washington University and her BA from Fontbonne University (formerly Fontbonne College), in St. Louis, Missouri. Both degrees are in Early Childhood Education (PreK-3) and Elementary Education (K-8) with an additional certification in Remedial Reading (K-12). Before starting her own nonprofit, she worked several years in both private and public education, grades Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade. She has also worked on a part-time basis with fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students outside the classroom in one-on-one settings, in her spare time throughout the school year and the summer, as well as tutored students ranging in age from 7 to 17 years. In addition to operating Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. she worked on a part-time basis as an adjunct professor at Southwestern Illinois College assisting students in the area of reading. She has volunteered and served on numerous committees in a variety of capacities at the local and regional level, within the educational sector. She has and continues to attend a range of educational workshops, seminars, and conferences to keep abreast of the changing trends in teaching. Curriculum enhancement through implementation with a diversified focus is also one of her specialties while catering to what works best for a student to learn, no matter what the academic level. Marsha also feels it is essential to give back to her profession; therefore; she has been a cooperating teacher and supervisor for student-teacher apprenticeship educational programs in the St. Louis area. Introducing teachers, especially those new to the field of education, to the varied teaching methods and techniques that are mandatory for student success is of high importance to her. Also, working one-on-one with parents to help educate them about the various teaching methods and techniques introduced and taught to their students is a crucial factor in Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.'s program’s success. Marsha feels parental involvement, education, and communication are essential. When parents feel connected, and students can witness the bridge between home and school, the more successful students will be in the educational environment. By creating such a situation, students and parents are given a sense of self-worth, connectedness, and safety within educational settings. Truly, Marsha McCleod believes that ALL students, no matter who they are or where they attend school should have every opportunity to achieve and experience quality education as well as academic success within the educational realm.