Ms. Farrah Lunceford


ICYT tutoring service, thank you for pairing my niece Samaria and me with excellent tutors, Ms. Marsha McCleod and Ms. Mia Simpson. They began tutoring both of us during the pandemic once a week. They made the learning environment safe and comfortable, enriching our learning experiences. Ms. Mia especially made math fun and easy to understand. Ms. Marsha helped my niece become less shy and more confident while building her reading comprehension and writing skills. ICYT, also, thanks for helping me financially with my niece's tutoring. I was helping to raise her and saw she was behind in school, and I wanted her to succeed in school even though I could not afford tutoring on my own. Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia, thank you so much for working with us! I ended the year with an "A" in math, and my niece Samaria's writing and reading comprehension skills improved and continue to improve. It has been an excellent opportunity to have worked with such great tutors and Inner City Youth Tutoring.
Farrah Lunceford, Aunt/Guardian, and Student

Thank you for letting Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia tutor me. Also, thank you for providing money for my tutoring to help my T.T. (Farrah Lunceford) pay for it. I really like Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia and how they taught me. Both of them would always be nice to me and told me I was a good student. This made me feel good and try harder. I am better at math and doing better with my writing. This year I learned how to one-sentence summaries after I read a chapter. I am still learning how to write a paragraph. I did not realize I could do this until Ms. Marsha showed me how to. After finishing a chapter, I practiced and wrote one-sentence summaries and tried to write a summary paragraph with one-sentence summaries on my own. This was really difficult, but I tried and will keep on trying. Ms. Marsha and Ms. Mia, thank you so much for working with me and helping my T.T. pay for tutoring.
Samaria Lunceford, 3rd Grade-Mason Elementary School-St. Louis Public School District (St. Louis, MO) unable to picture