Mrs. Andranique Scott Harrison

 "Andrielle has benefited dramatically from Inner City Youth Tutoring and having access to technology in the form of a laptop for at-home use during this past school year. She had some math struggles, but Ms. McCleod encouraged and advised on solid math techniques and websites where my daughter was helped to establish a solid foundation and love for math with the basics math facts. Having access to a laptop that was just for my daughter's educational needs increased her interest in math and being the best math student that she could be. Thank you for making a positive contribution to my daughter's academic success, ICYT, making a definite and measurable difference in the youth and families that utilize their educational services. I am grateful to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.

Mrs. Andranique Scott Harrison, Parent



"I got to do school work on a tutor computer at home because I got to borrow one because of the pandemic. I especially liked doing math on it, and I became an even better math student. I learned that work is important to be smart, and I want to be smart.  Also, I want to be tutored again because I want to use the computer again next year."

Andrielle Scott, First Grade-Community School