Mr. and Mrs. Terry Harrison



 My name is Andranique Harrison, and my 2-year-old son, Terry, has been able to get a jump on his learning with the laptop provided to us by Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. and with the help of their tutors. One may say that toddlers, tutoring, and technology are not a good match. However, we utilized the services and technology with the phenomenal IXK Program also made available to us by Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. Letter and sound recognition of the alphabet and number recognition activities have been foci. Mrs. McCleod truly comes up with the best learning resources and activities that students LOVE! Our family values education and educational preparation. We believe that the resources and activities helped Terry be exceedingly ready for learning fun and success in his first year as a junior kindergarten preschooler in the fall.
The Harrison Family sends a hearty "thank you" to Mrs. McCleod and Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. to provide quality educational resources and activities that increase children's preparedness for any educational setting. We thank all who support this work that makes a difference in families and classrooms.
Terry Sr. and Andranique Harrison, Parents