Ms. Barbara Robinson

"I enrolled my daughter, Brooklyn Robinson, in this program again this school year because I absolutely love how the tutors worked with her last year and how much she improved in math. She doesn't make excuses about going to school or doing her school work like she usually would, especially math, her least favorite subject. Keeping her in tutoring this school year has been the best thing because she did not have a math teacher for the first three months. She continued to be excited about learning math during tutoring and actually would still get upset when there wasn't tutoring. She would come home enthusiastic after sessions and about math, plus she looked forward to her next session. At this time, Brooklyn retains math concepts easier and loves hands-on math activities while working one-on-one with her EEC, who was patient and made sure she understood the various concepts. I owe my daughter, Brooklyn's math improvement and success, to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc. and her EEC, Ms. Marsha McCleod."

Ms. Barbara Robinson, Parent