Sherry Davis

SherryDavis220Sherry is a dedicated educator of 15 years with a BS from Fontbonne University in Special Education and Educational Studies. Presently, she works in the Clayton School District and Special School District with special need at-risk students. Sherry also designs and implements curriculum for both parents and students. Also, creates and implements lesson plans in the area of Language Arts. Finding strategies to address students' individual needs either in a regular classroom and special needs classroom is another area of expertise. Sherry believes every child is a born a learner and can achieve to their full potential if given the right environment and the right guidance. She also believes every child is unique, has different learning styles, and learns at different paces. Sherry's goal and philosophy are to capture a student's style of learning and facilitate that learning.



Eleanor Schmidt

EleanorSchmitt220Eleanor is a retired Registered Post-Op Nurse who is a people person. Also, she has over 30 years and continues to work with students (young and old) in both the private and public sector in the area of Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar) and Italian. Eleanor is still going strong! Presently, Mrs. Schmdt not only tutors for Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc., but continues to volunteer with the State of Missouri Ombudsman Program in which she advocates for nursing home residents along with volunteering at her favorite place The Fox in her spare time. Eleanor loves people and thoroughly enjoys lending a helping hand wherever there is a need, within the community, in the Greater St. Louis area. Also, she has a passion for education, and whenever an opportunity arises, she shares her expertise by tutoring individuals, both young and old. She is an avid volunteer in the Greater St. Louis area and a great advocate for those who do not have a voice. Indeed, Eleanor is something to behold, and there is no one like her. She is an excellent instructor and tutor who takes her job seriously. No task is too complicated, and Eleanor prepares like no other. Avidly she studies the students she works with, builds a rapport with them, and always looks for new ways to motivate them as well as enhance them academically. Eleanor is old school and students “JUST” love her! Truly, Eleanor Schmidt is an inspiration to all at Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc., because of her COMPLETE determination, perseverance, and dedication!

Archie Desamaro



Archie Desamaro is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis from the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Working with students in the area of math has been a desire and a passion of his. In his spare time, he tutors students in the various levels of math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Analysis. Indeed, Archie is an asset to Inner City Youth Tutoring, Inc.




 Mia Simpson

       Under Construction...Mia is a graduate of Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio from the School of...